Spring on the Hillingdon Ranch

“The orangey-red of a robin’s breast is a harbinger of spring in many parts of the nation; however, in the Hill Country, a blur of iridescence marks spring’s arrival as migratory birds return to their breeding and nesting grounds. First, a few purple martins and black-chinned hummingbirds arrive to scout out the prospects. They are soon followed by painted buntings, with the males’ rainbow-hued feathers not only attracting females, but birders too. Soon many other migratory songbirds fill the skies, trees and brush with activity. Migrants and residents don their breeding plumage, begin calling and busy themselves building nests. As they flit among the foliage, the sun catches flashes of colors that sparkle in a landscape just beginning to awaken.”

Spring on Hillingdon Ranch - Painted

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Spring Drought

Spring Drought - Thunderheads