The pages of Hillingdon Ranch: Four Season, Six Generations have 210 new and 18 historical photographs. Each photograph taken by David K. Langford richly captures different aspects of the landscape, flora and fauna, natural resources, and daily ranching life.  Each season brings with it new life, challenges and opportunity.

Click on the picture below to view a sampling of photos from that book’s section about that season.

Spring on Hillingdon Ranch Spring
“The orangey-red of a robin’s breast is a harbinger of spring in many parts of the nation; however, in the Hill Country, a blur of iridescence marks spring’s arrival as migratory birds return to their breeding and nesting grounds. First, a few purple martins and black-chinned hummingbirds….Visit Spring
 Summer on the Hillingdon Ranch - Tack Summer “Under the unrelenting pressure of the heat and the wind, the blossoms fade and die, and the bright baby greens of spring deepen into the older, dark greens of summer. With scarce rain, lushness gives way to maturity; foliage becomes tougher, more fibrous, and generally less palatable for livestock…Visit Summer
 Autumn on Hillingdon Ranch - Muhly Autumn … despite starting with a bang, fall still manages to sneak in quietly, beginning with an almost imperceptible hint of cool. Its arrival cannot be predicted, but when it turns up, usually early in the morning, the cool air holds the promise of… Visit Autumn
 Winter Winter “Winter in the Hill Country is muted. Banks of dark blue-black clouds herald the arrival of periodic northers, sometimes powerful enough to turn running water into abstract ice sculptures. The sun hangs low and cool, casting…Visit Winter

Additional Works by David K. Langford

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