The Legacy of Hard Work

In his iconic photograph, David captures two generations of Gileses herding sheep at Hillingdon. Amidst the backdrop of gorgeous trees and light simmering through tall grass, Robin and Grant ride together with their helpers close behind.  Instantly, … [Read more...]

Fog at Hillingdon Book Released

In September 2015, I released my current book, Fog at Hillingdon.  It is a photographic look at fog at our family’s seven generation Texas Hill Country ranch, and an exploration of why land stewardship is important to all.  Also published by Texas … [Read more...]

Threats from Flooding

David’s photograph captures one of the swollen, debris filled creeks at Hillingdon, which was ravaged by the force of heavy rainfall.  Through his lens, David vividly reminds viewers that water is an extremely powerful natural resource. Moreover, too … [Read more...]

How Racing Impacted a Ranching Family

In his photograph, David captures the steep, rugged nature of the terrain, the unforgiving trails, and the unrelenting determination of the riders. Whether they are running or riding, racers need a fearless spirit to endure the arduous nature of the … [Read more...]

Effective Helpers

In his stunning photograph, David captures a well-trained border collie diligently managing the goat herd. Through his work, David highlights the integral role dogs play in the ranching operation at Hillingdon. Similarly, the Gileses take great care … [Read more...]

Herding Goats with Robin

David’s work focuses on Grant herding goats downhill against the backdrop of the majestic Texas Hill Country landscape of Hillingdon Ranch. Through his lens, David captures Grant’s position in the saddle, the way he holds the reins, the placement of … [Read more...]

Sorting Cattle

In his photograph, David skillfully captures the rugged nature of sorting cattle in the heat and the dust. Likewise, I remember the Gileses working cattle near the Flat Rock pens with an undeniable level of tenacity. Even though I was timid, their … [Read more...]

The Cynthia & George Mitchell Foundation Blog Post

Recently, I was honored by being asked to write for The Cynthia & George Mitchell Foundation: “The Many Voices of Conservation” blog series exploring the fascinating spectrum of conservation initiatives and the human role in preserving the … [Read more...]

Berries in the Pasture

In David’s photograph, the gorgeous holly (possumhaw) offers a natural source of color for centerpieces and holiday decorations, but it is considered mildly toxic to humans. When the agarita shrub blooms, the berries can be eaten by humans and … [Read more...]

Shearing Time

Before the age of three, I would ask my mother, “Where are Robin, Carol, and the shearers?” At that time, my grandfather had recently passed away. Even in the midst of my sadness, I was always excited to see the Gileses, and I knew they were all … [Read more...]